Tracking my music again.

Last year I started running a Plex server at home to handle the majority of my music streaming needs. I also resumed scrobbling to It’s very easy to set up in Plex. I have had my Spotify account hooked up to the service for a couple of years, now

Turns out that my musical tastes haven’t changed very much, but I really am enjoying tracking my listening habits once again.

Here are my top 15 artists scrobbled over the past 2 years according to

  1. Andrew Hill
  2. The Beatles
  3. Miles Davis
  4. Thelonious Monk
  5. Sam & Dave
  6. John Lee Hooker
  7. Bobby Hutcherson
  8. Ryan Adams
  9. Whiskeytown
  10. Fleet Foxes
  11. Woody Shaw
  12. Wilco
  13. John Coltrane
  14. Steve Earle
  15. Little Walter
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