2020-05-25: I bought this beat-up, but playable copy on Saturday for 8 bucks. RIP, Jimmy Cobb.

2020-05-15: New Vinyl Friday

2020-05-14: Not something you get to see from your backyard every day!

2020-04-19: Now playing with the new Plexamp app. I went for a walk and it looks like it was downsampling while …

2020-04-16: A new version of Plexamp is out for MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux! Shown here running on my …

2020-03-14: Installing Focal Fossa daily build.

2020-03-13: New Vinyl Friday 2020.03.13 New Vinyl Friday 2020.03.13 King Curtis & The Kingpins - King Size Soul - Atco 1967 Gato …

2020-02-01: Photo challenge Day 1. Open Opening my new Art Blakey record!

2019-12-17: I just picked up this BN80 reissue of Lonnie Smith - Live At Club Mozambique pictured here along …

2019-12-15: Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) - Blues For A Hip King. I just picked this up on eBay. It’s not a …

2019-11-01: Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! I am posting this from Dialog, an Android Micro.blog app.

2019-10-26: Testing Wavelength Sending a test microcast from Wavelength to micro.blog

2019-10-24: I’m upgrading my micro.blog account so I can try out some microcasting.

2019-10-20: Getting ready for Wilco!

2019-09-14: Beautiful morning in REO Town.

2019-08-03: Used CD's FTW! Vinyl is all the rage these days, and it’s a lot of fun seeing young folks get the record …

2019-06-23: Now Playing

2019-06-22: The 2008 Universal Music Fire Artists file a lawsuit over a 2008 fire (The Day The Music Burned) that destroyed thousands of …

2019-06-10: Here is the one I am familiar with @rnv

2019-06-10: If I ever get a tattoo, it’ll be this:

2019-06-10: I don’t recall ever seeing this rare variation of the Misterioso album cover.

2019-06-09: The Blue Note Years I’ve been slowly acquiring all 20 of the 1999 Toshiba-EMI ‘The Blue Note Years’ …

2019-01-17: I am considering applying to the online Masters of Applied Data Science program at The University of …

2019-01-17: Handy Apple support pages. How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery How to create a bootable …

2018-12-09: Spotify Fail No. 637 The name of the album is “History Never Repeats”, but only one song in …

2018-11-26: Classic Blue Note haul arrived today.

2018-10-24: I don’t see enough of these here in Tennessee as I should.

2018-10-20: I’ve been looking for this set for over 20 years. Finally found one!!

2018-10-14: 20 years ago. Mr. Dye, the computer guy, teaching K-8 students computer skills at Cason Lane …

2018-10-04: Piya Tu Ab To Aaja open.spotify.com/track/7l8…

2018-10-01: Ukelulu (Google photos offers up this edit calling it Color POP! They missed coloring in her index …

2018-08-30: Screenshot of the iTunes Music Store circa 2003 (Windows version)

2018-08-29: Tracking my music again. Last year I started running a Plex server at home to handle the majority of my music streaming …

2018-08-29: Oh F this noise.

2018-08-16: “Shit.” Rest in peace, Queen of Soul.

2018-08-12: 🥑 🥚 🍞 and ☕️

2018-07-24: Strike Two, Spotify. Why is this missing? www.discogs.com/Funkadeli… I know it’s …

2018-07-24: I am getting more and more frustrated with Spotify lately. Music that I want to hear has disappeared …

2018-07-11: All the lonely routers, Where do they all come from? All the lonely routers, where do they all …

2018-07-03: Hammock swingin’ at dusk.

2018-06-11: Pleasantly surprised to find and try this new restaurant!

2018-06-02: First micro.blog post from MarsEdit. Thanks for the Talk Show discount, Daniel!

2018-06-01: So the iPhone X was toast. They gave me a full replacement at the Apple Store.

2018-05-31: My iPhone X crashed as I plugged it in to charge last night. I can’t get it to turn on. I …

2018-05-27: Continuing my holiday weekend of going through boxes of old paperwork and mail. I found this welcome …

2018-05-27: More old papers. JR in 2016!

2018-05-26: It was a bumper sticker that I never used.

2018-05-26: Going through a box of old papers. Good times.

2018-05-19: …and when there was no crawdad to be found, we ate sand. Fortunately, there was plenty of …

2018-05-04: Testing out the new Intel NUC8i7HVK, A.K.A. Hades Canyon. Review to come!

2018-04-26: It’s heeeerrrreee

2018-04-18: That’s more like it!

2018-04-18: New Dell XPS 13 (9370) in White/Rose Gold!

2018-04-16: One of my first rock concerts.

2018-04-16: Elvin and John

2018-04-11: Creepy nickel.

2018-04-11: Installing 18.04 Beta 2

2018-04-10: It’s Kebab time in Tennessee!

2018-03-27: Red guitars at Elderly Instruments.

2018-03-27: Hoping they reimagine the Mac mini as a Raspberry Pi-esque little computer for coding and education. …

2018-03-26: Dead snake in the gar-dennnnn. 🎼🎸

2018-02-23: Bigger bloom!

2018-02-10: Lil’ bloom

2018-02-03: Finally getting my desk set up in the new house.

2018-01-29: I loved this phone back in the day.

2018-01-15: Beautiful sunset outside my back porch this evening.

2018-01-10: Torino Green

2017-12-25: Merry Christmas!

2017-12-16: Getting my FF fix.

2017-12-11: Early Christmas gift

2017-12-05: Blue Note long box with a Rose Records price tag.

2017-12-05: Hobonichi Techo

2017-12-01: Buncobon Note

2017-11-30: Señor Frosty

2017-11-29: Always Reppin’ #517forlife

2017-11-28: Swim meet at LaVergne High School 2017.11.27

2017-11-21: They haven’t fallen asleep on the way home from school in a long time.

2017-11-20: King Crimson 8-Track

2017-11-14: On the move.

2017-11-14: I think I finally have my DNS straightened out. Thanks @Manton for your help.

2017-11-12: Squares. (in the kitchen) #microblogphotochallenge

2017-05-01: I seem to be logged into the iOS app, but there are no posts showing. I just tried posting from the …

2017-04-26: Quiet, isn’t it?